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Transforming your defining moments
Kairos offers a range of services within your professional and personal life that can help you transform your own "defining moments" in positive and meaningful ways. Whatever your defining moments, Kairos will help you make your moments count.

About Tania

I (Tania) am the co-founder and working director of Kairos. I founded the company with my husband Guy who sadly died in April of 2022.  We shared a passion for flourishing relationships, personal growth, leadership development, and celebrating significant rites of passage (which is why we as standard always had a bottle of prosseco in the fridge!) We shared a belief that all of our “Kairos” moments are opportunities that have the power to transform us. 

7 years ago, we embraced a new adventure and sold our home of 35 years and moved to Reading California for a 9 month sojourn before embarking on the next phase of our adventure which led us to investing with our son and daughter in law in an outdoor adventure centre in the middle of Wales! Guy, sadly did not get to move here with me, but I have embraced this new season of my life ably supported by my four wonderful grown-up children and their partners.

We all have “defining moments” in our lives and I am passionate about helping you mine the gold in them whether that is developing your leadership, enabling you to have a more connected couple relationship, discovering more about your purpose, or officiating at one of your significant rites of passage.  

In my spare time I sing enthusiastically in two rock choirs and have taken up line dancing which I absolutely love!  My seven grandchildren (all under five) give me a fresh perspective and zest for living which permeates  everything that I do.  My life is not quite as I imagined it, but my experiences have enriched me and (I’m reliably informed) all those I work with.

Kairos celebrancy, leadership and coaching - About Tania West
If you’d like a no obligation conversation about how I can help with either ceremonies and celebrations, coaching for individuals or couples, or leadership development please get in touch and I’d be delighted to arrange a virtual meeting to discuss your needs.
Kairos celebrancy, leadership and coaching - About Tania WestKairos white logo
We all have “defining moments” in our lives and I am passionate about helping you mine the gold in them.

Make the most of your “defining moments” whether that’s a celebration around a significant rite of passage, a new relationship, a significant crossroads in your marriage, or a leadership opportunity that requires you to up your game.

Tania West, co-founder and working director of Kairos.
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