Tania West

Tania is a winner of the  Nat West Venus Awards (South West)  in the category of “Influential Woman Of The Year”


I am passionate about developing leaders and in drawing out the gold in those I work with.  I was once told by my own coach that you cannot teach leadership but only learn it.  

My own experiences have taught me how true this is.  I have learnt about leadership by being a parent to four children, being a grandparent, leading a charity, leading a church, and leading myself (the latter being by far the most challenging!).

I have learnt that you can exercise leadership without a formally recognised “position” and that formal authority without moral authority is fundamentally flawed. I have learnt that vulnerability is the cornerstone of effective leadership because it provides the fertile soil for true greatness. I have learned that it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive because that keeps me humble and always learning.

I have learned that I could dazzle you with an array of qualifications or I could just tell you that I’m intuitive (apparently funny), challenging, direct and encouraging. I believe the best in people and that Kairos or defining moments are what creates mindset shifts that literally change everything.

Most of all, I believe I can never inspire greatness in a person, because the greatness is there already, I just enable people to realise their own more fully.

Tania’s great loves in life (apart from Guy) is being a mum, a grandmother/ “Yaya”, writing, hosting hygee evenings and socialising with friends.

Heather Day, Coach and facilitator
“Tania has worked with me as a coaching supervisor. She is encouraging, insightful and gently challenging. She brings a lot of creativity into her approach and has enabled me to develop in confidence in my coaching practice.”
Heather Day, Coach and facilitator

Tania is an award winning toastmaster winning contests  at local, regional and National levels.  She is an engaging presenter and blends the art of captivating audiences with a challenging yet humorous approach.

She is a published author, couples coach and designer of marriage and couple support programmes.

Whilst based in Bristol, Tania travels throughout the UK and abroad delivering innovative and bespoke programmes as well as providing a coaching service via Skype to clients outside the UK.

Tania has been described as an “osteopath of the soul”.  She is passionate about developing authentic leaders who know how to play to their strengths, live out their values and are personally congruent- she believes that when these three elements are aligned, a person becomes the kind of person that both attracts followers and inspires new leaders.

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