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Baby Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is an alternative to a baptism or christening.  It is an occasion when friends and family can gather and celebrate a baby or child/ren.
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What does Kairos mean?

Kairos comes from the greek word meaning “defining moments”.  Having a child (however that child comes to us) is always a gift and a blessing and certainly represents a defining moment in the lives of the parent!

Why do I conduct baby naming ceremonies?

Being the parent of four grown up children myself and a grandparent to seven beautiful grandchildren, I realise how significant naming a child is.  Sometimes names are chosen because they reflect family traditions, or because they have a specific meaning or perhaps they are chosen because of a character that we admire.  Our names are an important part of our identity and even perhaps affect how we come to see ourselves.  Naming ceremonies are an opportunity to focus on the identify of a specific child and to celebrate who they are and all they may become. They are an opportunity to bring our good wishes, prayers and blessings to the child and their family and to welcome them into our communities.  It takes a community to raise a child, and a naming ceremony provides the context into which the community can identify itself.

What is a naming ceremony?

A naming ceremony is an alternative to a baptism or christening.  It is an occasion when friends and family can gather and celebrate a baby or child/ren.  The ceremony may include readings, poems, even prayers and blessings (if appropriate). You may decide that you want to identify specific people who will have a special place in your child’s life growing up (like a mentor)

What is my role?

I will co-design a ceremony with you and then facilitate it.  I will conduct a naming ceremony in a way that reflects your beliefs and values, perhaps writing a piece on why you have chosen that particular name and incorporating your dreams and wishes for your child as they grow up. I can also assist with any readings, music choices or poetry that you might like in addition to including any special family members (such as mentors) that you would like to have a special role in the ceremony.  I will also produce an order of ceremony in a bound folder for you to have as a keepsake.

My Values

  • Authenticity (creating ceremonies that reflect who you are,)
  • Honesty  (supportive and truthful)
  • Positivity (believing the best, for the best )
  • Creativity (ensuring your child is celebrated in the most innovative and creative way)
If you’d like a no obligation conversation about how I can help with your ceremony please get in touch and I’d be delighted to arrange a virtual meeting to discuss your needs.
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We all have “defining moments” in our lives and I am passionate about helping you mine the gold in them. 

I would love to help you to create beautiful ceremoines that celebrate all you value and cherish.

Tania West, co-founder and working director of Kairos.
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