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What does Kairos mean?

Kairos comes from the greek word for “defining moment”.  The loss of a loved one is one such moment.  Whether the loss is sudden, or expected, Timely or untimely, it is always a shock in some way and a key “moment” or transition in our own lives.

Why am I a funeral celebrant?

After the death of my own beloved husband with whom I had enjoyed married life for 38 years, I realised that whilst death is always tragic, there is a passed life to be celebrated and a present life to still be lived.  The above photograph was taken as I gave one of the eulogies at my own husbands funeral.  I chose it because I am laughing.  Not because death is funny or amusing, but because I wanted to honour the extraordinary person that he once was: his humour, his foibles, his sayings and funny ways and to give sacred witness to his faith and his values.  

And, it is my privilege to offer the same to you in the loss of your loved one.

“Tania, very kindly, delivered a wonderfully personal funeral service for a local family in our service chapel in Shoreham-by-Sea.

As the congregation left the chapel, I could tell that they were all ever so grateful to Tania. As a funeral director, I work with numerous Celebrants, and in my opinion, Tania is one the best. I would certainly recommend Tania, and I look forward to working with Tania again in the future.

Symon Todd
Funeral Director Shoreham Tribes

What do I offer?

I work with you to create a ceremony that reflects the quirks, beliefs, and the values of your loved one.  I can help you with music selection, readings, poems, hymns, blessings and prayers (if this is something you would like),  I can write a eulogy for you based on an extensive interview with you and your family that truly reflects the life of your loved one. I will in addition, give you the written eulogy in a bound folder as a keepsake. I can also conduct the ceremony whether that is at the crematorium, woodland, or graveside.

As an award winning toastmaster, I can assist any member of your family who wishes to say a few words but who feels nervous about public speaking.

As a qualified coach I can also offer attentive listening and empathy as you process your grief.

My Values

  •  Authenticity (creating ceremonies that reflect who you are)
  •  Honesty (supportive and truthful)
  •  Positivity (believing the best, for the best )
  •  Compassion (connecting with the bereaved with understanding of their suffering)
If you’d like a no obligation conversation about how I can help with your ceremony, please get in touch and I’d be delighted to arrange a virtual meeting to discuss your needs.
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We all have “defining moments” in our lives and I am passionate about helping you mine the gold in them. 

I would love to help you to create beautiful ceremoines that celebrate all you value and cherish.

Tania West, co-founder and working director of Kairos.
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