The Kairos Leadership Foundation

“I can only do one thing really well [make films] and I will relentlessly pursue this one thing in order to rectify this general injustice!”

Richard Curtis speaking of his desire to contribute to the alleviation of world poverty.

Kairos Leadership Foundation (KLF) has been set up as a response to the challenge to alleviate world poverty.

The purpose of the charity is to support leaders in developing countries who are actively leading projects that help people help themselves through education and social enterprise. 15% of all profits made by Kairos Leadership Development are donated to the foundation.

Beliefs and Values

KLF is founded on Christian values and principles and works inclusively toward the common purpose of alleviating world poverty – our key values are:

  • Contribution: We believe that everyone has a contribution to make in the fight against poverty
  • Dignity: We believe that every human being has innate worth and value
  • Respect: We believe that every human being is worthy of respect
  • Empowerment: We believe that education and social enterprise are keys to empowering individuals

Our Vision

  • To encourage, promote and support leaders in developing countries involved in education and social enterprise projects
  • To give financial support to schools and ground level projects that enable people to free themselves from abject poverty

The KLF Mission

  • To provide leadership coaching, mentoring and training to leaders in developing countries engaged in education and social enterprise projects
  • To financially support schools and social enterprise projects in the developing world

If you lead an education or community based initiative that fits with our KLF mission and you would like to access our pro bono coaching service, call Tania West on 07711 506410 or get in touch online.