Influential leaders


I am thrilled to be a semi finalist in the Nat West Venus award in the category of “influential woman of the year” and its caused me to reflect on what it means to extend influence.

Here are my reflections:

I   Interest in others and a desire to make a difference

N  noticing what is important to others and showing understanding of this in your communication

Feeling what others feel so that you can relate

L  Listening to what others have to say

 Understanding what is important to others

Empathising with the situation, circumstances and feelings of another

 Nurturing of the dreams of others- being a dream catcher

C  Communicating in a way that meets the needs of a diverse audience or group

 Enthusiastically enabling others to be the best they can be.

Whatever happens when the public vote begins on 17th Sept, I am proud to have been nominated and selected thus far.  I believe we all  have the power to extend influence and to lead influentially – it all begins with encountering another and making a difference where we are, NOW!