Tania West offers both personal development and leadership development coaching for managers and staff in public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

Research from the CIPD has shown that coaching confers great benefits for individuals and organisations, helping managers to both to promote, confer and apply learning into enhanced leadership practice.  Working with an external coach enables high trust relationships to be developed which enables individuals to develop and hone their strengths.

Stuart Newberry

“Tania is an exceptional character. She presented to audiences of coaches at Coaching Connect events about leadership. She speaks with passion and commitment about leadership which is infectious to the audience.”

Stuart Newberry

European-Mentoring-&-Coaching-CouncilTania pariticipates in regular one to one supervision for her own practice and is a member of and subscribes to the ethical code of the European Coaching and Mentoring Council. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Life Business and Executive Coaching.

If you would like to experience how coaching can positively affect your leadership  call Tania West on 07711 506410 or get in touch online.