Tania holds a Post Graduate qualification in the Supervision of Coaching and Mentoring and offers a supervision service to individual practitioners and to organisations. Research by the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development has highlighted the importance of supervision in ensuring coaching and mentoring practices yield both individual and organisational benefits.

Tania offers both one to one and group supervision  so whether you are an independent coach practitioner or use a coaching approach in your management of staff, regular supervision will enable you and your organisation to reap the full benefits of your coaching and mentoring initiatives.

Heather Day, Coach and facilitator
“Tania has worked with me as a coaching supervisor. She is encouraging, insightful and gently challenging. She brings a lot of creativity into her approach and has enabled me to develop in confidence in my coaching practice.”
Heather Day, Coach and facilitator

What is Supervision? 

‘the process by which a coach, with the help of a supervisor, can attend to understanding better both the client system and themselves as part of the client–coach system, and by so doing transform their work and develop their craft’

(Hawkins and Smith 2006).

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