Team Development

Kairos Leadership Development is accredited by Belbin

Tania is an accredited Belbin Team Roles facilitator and uses this tool in order to facilitate in depth dialogue and understanding within teams.

When a team is performing at its best, it is commonly because each team member has clear responsibilities and every role needed to achieve the team’s goal is being performed fully and well.

The Kairos team use Belbin as a tool along with skilful facilitation and one to one and group coaching to ensure that your team realises its full potential.

As an accredited Strengths Profile Consultant Tania is able to profile your team to reveal their realised and unrealised strengths and coach them to maximise them so that your team performs at its best.

C-me logo - Accredited

Tania uses Cme a colour profiling tool underpinned by years of research and practical learning that brings the psychology of human behaviour to life. The reports are jargon free, easy to understand and  enable individuals to better understand their preferred ways of doing things, understand each other better and improve team relationships

Kairos offers a variety of workshops that foster greater team cohesion especially in times of challenge and change including:

  • The chimp paradox: A two hour workshop based around the Steve Peters model of self management.
  • Managing Change in a climate of uncertainty
  • Advanced Communication skills for teams
  • Building a culture of Trust
  • Giving and receiving Feedback and creating a feedback culture
  • Understanding difference: in terms of communication styles, behaviours under pressure, personal style
  • Understanding team dynamics and how we can play to our strengths
  • Creating win/win organisations
  • Self Leadership: how to create the plot and not lose it!
  • Communicating with Impact

Bespoke workshops and virtual training is also provided.

Rob Menary, Chief Executive of Devon and Cornwall Probation Services“Tania has played a critical role by working with staff of all grades, from coaching senior leaders and middle managers to working with groups of frontline staff coming to terms with significant culture change.”
Rob Menary, Former Chief Executive Devon and Cornwall Probation Services

If you are looking to develop your team call Tania on 07711 506410 or get in touch online.