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The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. - Harvey S Firestone
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What does Kairos mean?

Defining moments happen throughout our lives and are often transformative for us in some way.  Kairos Leadership Development creates the conditions through training events and coaching for such catalytic moments to occur for you and those you lead.

Why do I do what I do?

Helping others to realise their own brilliance is what gets me out of bed in the morning!  Creating kairos moments for others, is what enables that kind of personal transformation to take place.

What do I do?

I develop leaders in a variety of contexts through one-to-one and group coaching, bespoke leadership training and conference presenting. 

How do others see me?

I have been referred to by clients as a “laser coach”, in that I have the ability to get to the heart of issues, and as an “osteopath of the soul” which I’m told refers to my ability to really “see” people and help them discern their core values and motivations.

Both lasers and osteopaths can at times be a little uncomfortable, and I have an empathic yet challenging style which can have a similar effect!!

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What is my track record?

I have worked with a range of Faith organisations, community interest companies, public sector organisations (especially the police) and have been told that my coaching is life changing and my presentations are impactive and inspirational.  I’ve also been reliably informed I am a humorous speaker (for which I have award winning proof from Toastmasters!)

“Tania is an emotive speaker who manages to effortlessly combine meaningful life messages with a dose of realism and humour.  You can’t help to, not just listen to what Tania shares, but her boundless enthusiasm propels you to take real action for change".

Tiffany Macedo-Dine

What is my approach to leadership?

I believe the most effective leaders are those that have first learnt to lead themselves and so my approach is to develop self-awareness, self-management, and self-knowledge and then to explore how individual leaders can inspire others to do the same.

What are the leadership challenges I can help with?

Leaders are operating in a VUCA world: one which is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Old paradigms no longer work, and leaders need to be innovative, authentic, flexible, and wise.  They also need to be able to develop others through effective feedback, mentoring, and genuine engagement.  I develop leaders to be equipped to meet these challenges.

What are my core values?

  •  Authenticity (being real, calling a spade a spade)
  •  Honesty (High challenge and high support)
  •  Positivity (believing the best, for the best )
  •  Proactivity (commitment to working from circle of influence)
If you’d like a no obligation conversation about how I may help you or your organisation develop leadership or you are looking for an inspiring presenter for your leadership conference, get in touch with me online and I’d be delighted to discuss your specific needs in more detail.
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We all have “defining moments” in our lives and I am passionate about helping you mine the gold in them.

I would love to help you create the conditions for leaders to flourish.

Tania West, co-founder and working director of Kairos.
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