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Influential leaders

I am thrilled to be a semi finalist in the Nat West Venus award in the category of “influential woman of the year” and its caused me to reflect on what it means to extend influence. Here are my reflections: I   Interest in others and a desire to make a difference N  noticing what is important to others and showing understanding of this in your communication F  Feeling what others feel so that you can relate L  Listening to what others have to say U  Understanding what is important to others E  Empathising with the situation, circumstances and feelings of another N  Nurturing
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The ties that bind: Attachment and leadership

This blog explores the connection raised by Emma Kate West (MA) between attachment theory and effective management and leadership. Bowlby’s attachment theory outlines how young infants develop attachment to their parents or carers and explores the usually negative effects of lack of attachment.  It is a well established theory and still central to Social work theory and practice today. A question raised by Emma Kate West is how can attachment theory inform our understanding of “good” management and leadership practice? What is it that enables staff teams to form strong and healthy attachments to their managers in a way that
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Making the most of your leadership muscles!

Have you ever had some negative feedback that you just can’t seem to shake off?  Or perhaps you’ve felt let down by a work colleague or manager?  Ever felt frustrated by the machinations of internal politics?  Or felt that your time at that team meeting was frankly completely wasted?  If so, you are not alone.  According to New research from Epson supported by Cebr reveals UK office workers waste 2 hours and 39 minutes in meetings every week which amounts to £26 billion cost to the UK economy!  But its not just the financial cost of getting caught up in negativity,
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